Why do Nice Guys Finish Last…?

I’m pretty sure most people if not everyone has heard the saying “nice guys finish last”, well it tends to be true more times than not, so I guess it’s safe to say the generalization is accurate. Different people come up with different explanations for why this tends to be the case, however, I have never heard an analogy as good as the one I heard a couple of days ago after my cousins’ baby shower, and I’m sure most people that read this will agree with me that this makes sense, well let me get into it.

Contrary to popular belief, the problem -if you want to call it that- is not with the “nice guys”, it’s with the women or girls. Women by default, conciously or subconciously, are “self centered and egotistical” (in the words of a wise man lol) whether it’s a Fat girl, Skinny Girl, a 1 or a 10, they are all inevitably like that, those are innate features.

Because of this self altruism and ego, having a guy that is naturally nice, generally nice to everyone and nice to them as well doesn’t make them feel special or above their peers in anyway. ‘She’ would rather be with the guy that is a jerk to other women, he even has an edge if he is a jerk to his fellow male compadres (this is how “self centered and egotistical” women are lol), but she want this ”jerk” to treat her differently and be nice to her but a jerk to everyone else – remember this is a 9.5 times out of 10 analogy, there’s always that exception. It gives her this feeling that there is something about her that makes her different, that makes the guy want to settle down with her and it makes her feel special.

Also, women are constantly in competition with their friends and sometimes even their female relatives when it comes to men, conciously or subconciously. There are many examples I can give but I don’t want to put anyone’s business out in the open.But This is partially why there’s the girl code that says friends should not or cannot date the same guy that another friend has dated. Guys don’t have this code, not because we don’t care but because we are not as self centered and egotistic. It’s as simple as that, and this is why nice guys finish last.

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  • blob

    okay, let me break this down for you seeing as how i think that ur explanation is probably the furthest from the truth. ill start with the explanation as to y girls find themselves with “bad boys”/assholes/jerks whatever you want to call them. this is because when these girls first start to get to know these guys (and im just generalizing for 99% of guys), they put up this whole “im misunderstood” or “i hate being categorized with other assholes because of other guys’ mistakes” front. they play the game to convince these girls that they are different from everyone else and try to prove her wrong until he becomes comfortable with her and is convinced that she has fallen for him. this is when he stops putting in that 100% effort and his interest dwindles along with the chase that he initially was attracted to. by this time, the girl has fallen in love and like they say, “love is blind” so she sticks with him no matter what he does to her and no matter how ugly he gets. addressing the “good guy” aspect of it, i dont believe that girls are not attracted to them when they encounter them, but it is very rare to find those guys since most of these “good guys” dont approach and chase girls like its a game so what opportunity is there for a girl to meet a good guy that is probably shy and more reserved? what makes it harder is when guys have that mindset of “nice guys finish last” because then nice guys try to act like that players and assholes thinking that this will get them a girl but in actuality its like shooting yourself in the foot and it only further makes it difficult for women to decipher between who is truly a good guy trying to act bad, someone who is misunderstood, and someone who is genuinely an asshole. that is all hahah :)